Walldorf Rock´n´Roll Weekender 2023



Art Corner

You can meet these and more great artists and admire their artwork at our Weekender.

Stern Freihand Veredlung


The drawing pencil in hand since youth, specialized in lowbrow art and custom painting since 2009: This is “STERN freehand refinement” in full trade. No painting surface is sacred to him: His works find space on wood, metal, glass, leather, car bodies, house walls, tools ect.

The daily business includes cups and individually created gift ideas, tattoo templates and logo design to elaborate CutOut installations. Meanwhile, his works are already collector’s items …. Let’s see what he has in Walldorf!

His creative workshop is located under the same roof as “PEPPER’S”, the 50’s bistro of his wife Sandra. A true insider tip, comfortably furnished like in grandma’s parlor and always worth a visit. In addition, there is a diverse store with many women’s accessories ( also present at the WEEKENDER !!!) Moonshiner for men and countless eye-catchers!!! Many visitors come several times, because you can not perceive everything at the first visit! 

Where is’n that?  “PEPPER’S Art Inn Shop” & “STERN Freehand Refinement” * In der Teichmatt 1 * 79689 Maulburg (Facebook & Instagram)



Mosaik Massaker (Hartmut “Mini Kretz)


Thaly’s Tiki Art


When Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States in 1959, the exotic tiki wave spilled over with full force onto the American mainland  – and later also reached Walldorf. 

With us again is globetrotter Alex from Thalys Tiki Art. With chainsaw instead of guitar in his suitcase, Thaly travels and works for various scene events (rock’n’roll, surf, punk, etc.) and tiki bars around the world, where his art is in demand. Always following his motto: 

“My Way To Rock’n’Roll”

We are happy to have him on board again. Based on his sound backdrop, you will hardly be able to miss him outside the gates. 

Witness how a tiki like this is made. 





Pre Party, 26.05.2023


Jumpin’ Rockets (GER)

This newcomer Band from Germany really gets it going and will start the Pre-Party on friday!


Rock’n’Roll Kamikazes (IT)

The divine Rock’n’Roll Wind from Italy is coming to Walldorf!

Get ready for rebellious Sounds and tons of energy!


Paul Ansell’s No. 9 (UK)

Paul Ansell has played all around the world – and is gonna play at our Pre-Party next!


Saturday, 27.05.2023



The Bricats (GER)

The Bricats are known for their mix of swinging rockabilly, snotty rhythm’n’blues, snappy 50s pop, and punk rock with three-part harmony vocals.


Sugar Mamas Revenge (GER)

Two well-known powerful vocalists, a lot of rock’n’roll and a breeze of soul:

Annie Leopardo (The Booze Bombs) from Calw & Bica Stöcklein (The Railbones) from Stuttgart are the two front women of this new quintet


Darrel Higham (GBR)

Darrel and his Enforcers played their first gig in 1994 as support act for Screamin’ Lord Sutch at the Thunderbird Club in Wellingborough. Since then, Darrel has accompanied countless original 50s Rockabilly artists such as Billy Lee Riley, Sonny Burgess or Alvis Wayne.


Black Raven (GER)

The Ravens Julian, Jensemann and Bojan are considered the first revival rock’n’roll band from Germany, who started their international career with their first appearance in England (the motherland of the rock’n’roll revival in the 70s), which continues to this day.

PoisonIvies & the Steady (ITA)

This Italian sextet has been mixing good old New Orleans rhythm’n’blues with 60’s Jamaican bluebeat /rock steady since 2014.



Doc Horn & the Hornbabes (GER)

This 9-piece band draws on the classic rock’n’roll of the 50s, swing and country, but doesn’t forget its roots in punk rock.


Crystalairs (GER)

Doo Wop brought the Crystalairs together in 1988 and already as teenagers to the roots of their genre in New York, but even 35 years later, they are still performing their hearts out on the rock’n’roll stages of Europe.


Sunday, 28.05.2023



Jake LaBotz (USA)

He’s still considered a hot insider tip in Europe, but in the U.S. he already has cult status: Jake La Botz. The part-time Hollywood actor and meditation trainer draws his musical roots from rockin’ gospel, blues bop and the hobo songs of wandering folk singers.


The B-Shakers (CHE)

We don’t stir, we shake!

The three Swiss around singer Mary ‘the Cat’ Vogel have dedicated themselves to the rockabilly sound of the 50s. They give their own compositions and covers the typical The B-Shakers touch with Mary’s rocking voice and a driving rhythm that you just have to go along with-


Smokestack Lightnin’ (GER)

Smokestack Lightnin’ combine influences of rhythm’n’blues, sixties soul, country and of course rock’n’roll to the typical Smokestack sound.

The band from Nuremberg has been reliably rocking the stages of this world for years.


Mrs. Linda with Mr. Hell & Fritz’e Cat

Mrs. Linda and Mr. Hell unite the love of early blues, swing and rockabilly à la Danny Gatton. Longing ukulele sounds meet an expressive blues harp and driving guitar riffs … Aloha!


Lean Canteen (USA)

We present one of the hottest new bands from the Wild West.

The quintet from Salt Lake City (USA) will play their first gig on the European continent in Walldorf. Besides Western Swing and Rockabilly they (hopefully) have their debut album in their luggage.


Pat Reyford & The Good Fellas (GBR/ITA)

Boogie Woogie on a … Sunday … Night!

Pat has already played with greats like Paul McCartney or Robert Plant. Together with the Good Fellas from Bella Italia Pat will put a super danceable set on our stage.


Rhythm Torpedoes (GER)

The “Rhythm Torpedoes” are dedicated to the music of the 50s and its WILD variants.

The program consists mainly of dynamic original compositions, but also some wild cover versions.


Monday, 29.05.2023



Randy Rich & The Poor Boys (GER)

From country, to rockabilly, to obscure and well-known rock’n’roll tunes from the late 50’s..  Frontman Randy Richter is also a popular sound engineer with the Walldorf Weekender 


Tammi Savoy & Don Diego Trio (USA)

The award-winning international R&B and soul singer from Chicago sings jazz, blues, jump blues with a powerful and soulful voice that nails the classic R&B and rock and roll sounds of the 40s, 50s and early 60s. 



Picky Out The Stingers (USA)

This Utah-based acoustic bluegrass quartet plays authentic mountain music in styles across the bluegrass spectrum, including newgrass, country, honkytonk, folk jam and more. 


Mike Sanchez & The Good Fellas

He has been a full-blooded pianist and singer for over 35 years and is present on all stages and in all ballrooms of this world. Mr. Sanchez will treat you to the finest authentic rhythm’n’blues, jump blues and big band stompers with the Good Fellas.


The Spunyboys (FRA)

Red Hot Rockabilly avec Croissant – c’est tres bon!

Some people already call the northern French rockabilly “boy group” the 21st Century Stray Cats. 


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