At this point I should say I sat on the beach of Waikiki and found a piece of wood which became my first carved Tiki later. But no… it wasn’t like that!


It started as I was a young teenage fellow. I had too much contact to Tikis, Rock’n’Roll & thing and always was feeling empty when I was not giving my lifestyle more similar color and form. Because of my love to Tikis and the less time I changed my skateboard into a chainsaw and my artwork became mightier, more exotic and at least much bigger. In the year 2009/2010 started my first Tiki tour with my chainsaw in my baggage. At Rock’n’Roll events, Tiki bars, concerts and art exhibitions found my Tikis their new home. The work at traditional and rockin customized carvings started to get more and more. “Thalys Tiki Art” was born and the Tiki fever still got me.

Thalys Tiki Art